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ACT is proud to have been selected for entry into the Ansys Startup Program, giving us full access to simulation software bundles that are built and priced to help entrepreneurs like ACT grow our business quickly and cost-effectively. As a partner in the Startup Program, ACT gained instant access to ANSYS solutions and began building virtual prototypes of our new products. These virtual prototypes have been modified and tested with simulation hundreds of times in the same time it would take to build and test one physical prototype – saving us time and money as we work to perfect our product design. The partnership has given us access to their full portfolio of multiphysics simulation bundles, including the Structural and Fluids bundle and the Electromagnetics bundle. To learn more, visit www.ansys.com/about-ansys/startup-program.

Carbon is a Silicon Valley-based additive manufacturing company working at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science.  With Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, manufacturers can unlock new business opportunities such as mass customization, on-demand inventory, and differentiated products made with functional materials. Many of the components required to fabricate ACT's chemotherapy drug delivery devices are complex and require new thinking when it comes to prototyping and manufacturing. ACT has partnered with Carbon to leverage their engineering and technology solutions, broad array of materials and deep understanding of the regulated medical device space to fabricate the drug delivery solutions of the future. To learn more, visit www.carbon3d.com.

The Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) connects entrepreneurial companies with high-value resources to accelerate business growth. CED services and programs (including Connections to Capital, Venture Mentoring, and signature conferences) empower member companies to go further faster. Partners of CED are fueling tomorrow’s success stories by investing in today’s ecosystem. With over 400 active member companies, CED is the largest and longest-running network for entrepreneurs in the country. Having been an active member company with CED since ACT was founded and a regular attendee at the CED Life Sciences Conference, ACT has benefited from many of the mentoring, services and programs that CED offers. To learn more about CED, visit cednc.org.

The mission of the North Carolina Biotech Center is to accelerate life science technology-based economic development through innovation, commercialization, education and business growth. NCBiotech catalyzes the many different transformations that are improving the quality of life around the world. They connect companies with university researchers and introduce entrepreneurs to potential funders. NC Biotech has provided a variety of support to ACT including access to business mentors, strategic partners, research services and financial backing. To learn more about NC Biotech, visit www.ncbiotech.org/about.

Resolution Medical is a private company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota focused on providing innovative business solutions to the medical device industry with the highest quality, reliability, customer service, and with the resolution to continuously improve life. When ACT was looking for a medical device engineering design and manufacturing house to help us bring our drug delivery concepts to life, we found Resolution Medical to be a perfect fit. They bring the right balance of deep medical device engineering and commercialization experience that we need to rapidly design, test and manufacture all of our mechanical, electrical and fluid handling systems. To learn more, visit www.resolutionmedical.com.

The ACT technology was developed at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and is exclusively licensed by ACT from the University of North Carolina. UNC School of Medicine’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of North Carolinians and others whom they serve.  They accomplish this by providing leadership and excellence in the interrelated areas of patient care, education, and research.  They strive to promote faculty, staff and learner development in a diverse, respectful environment where their colleagues demonstrate professionalism, enhance learning, and create personal and professional sustainability.  They optimize their partnership with the UNC Health Care System through close collaboration and a commitment to service. To learn more, visit www.med.unc.edu.

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NOTICE: Our devices are currently in development and are not being used in any clinical trials at this time. If you are looking for a pancreatic cancer clinical trial, we recommend you consult the PanCan Clinical Trial Finder.

NOTICE: Our devices are currently in development and are not being used in any clinical trials at this time. If you are looking for a pancreatic cancer clinical trial, we recommend you consult the PanCan Clinical Trial Finder.

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